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Welcome to the Silver Surfer Guide

They say 'You are never too old to learn' - well strictly speaking that is quite true; it is amazing the things we learn every day of our lives. The reason we think we 'can't learn is because we have no particular interest in the subject - hence why should we be bothered?

You have arrived at this site because you have a wish to either learn about how to use a computer or, alternatively, because you already know a little but want to learn even more.

I have no wish to offend any visitor that already knows something about computing but I make no apologies for starting right at the very beginning. There are many thousands of people who haven't the foggiest idea how to turn a computer on, let alone use one for everyday tasks, so the contents of this web site are just for you.

With the information on this site you can proceed at your own pace; no one is going to tell you to 'hurry up' because you are letting everyone else down. You go at your speed and no one else's By the time you have gone through the various lessons on this site you will, hopefully, be wiser and more proficient in the use of a computer and the software that runs on it.

There is no such thing as 'being too old to learn' or not being able to 'teach an old dog new tricks.' Think positive, work at your own pace, and even you, yes YOU will master your computer.